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My week also began behind enemy lines, when I spoke Tuesday night on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to the Metropolitan Republican Club. Adele Malpass, the new chair of the Manhattan Republicans, seems to have done an excellent job of revitalizing the GOP in this (to say the least) not terribly friendly area, and a large crowd showed for the panel consisting of Monica Crowley and me. We agreed on most aspects of 2016--the large field is a plus for GOP, since it's a strong field; Hillary is more vulnerable than most people think, etc. I emphasized the role New Yorkers could play in putting pressure over the next weeks on their senator, Chuck Schumer, to live up to his claim to be a "Shomer"--a guardian--of Israel and to oppose the Iran deal. That will be an interesting fight.

My one disappointment was this: As a young woman, Monica worked for Richard Nixon, so I thought she might have some insight as to who's responsible for the engaging and amusing @PresNixonUSA Twitter feed (which I highly recommend, if you're on Twitter). She claimed not to know. Then again, if it were she behind it, that is what she'd claim....

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Courageous GOPer has eye on corruption

Courageous GOPer has eye on corruption

By Michael Goodwin

May 12, 2015 | 10:28pm

New York Post

Adele Malpass, who deserves the red badge of courage for agreeing to lead the Manhattan Republican Party, offers a way for the GOP to distinguish itself in Albany.

“We should dismantle the ‘three amigos’ system,” she writes. “Dropping the ‘three men in a room’ approach could turn Albany into a Legislature that represents the people, not the politicians.”

She’s on to something, with the secrecy and self-dealing of backroom negotiations a major contributor to corruption. New Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, who replaced the arrested Dean Skelos, could insist that big decisions be made through the legislative process, which has become a rubber stamp for the secret deals.

But Flanagan shouldn’t stop there. He should break with the corrupt past in other ways, too, and put pressure on Democrats to follow.

He could push the GOP to adopt term limits, which could ensure that no lawmaker accumulates the kind of power that brought down both Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Flanagan could also push lawmakers to switch their pensions to a 401(k) system instead of the guaranteed-benefit plans they have. That would save taxpayer money and more closely align legislators with private workers’ benefits.

These are symbolic and substantive acts that would be responsive to public outrage. If Flanagan won’t lead his party toward honesty and openness, why does he want the job in the first place?

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Senator Dean Skelos

New York Senator Dean Skelos needs to step aside as Majority Leader until he proves he is innocent of corruption and misconduct.  The criminal complaint against him is a distraction from the work that needs to be done in Albany and makes him ineffective at addressing the problems of corruption. Democratic Assembly Leader Shelly Silver had to step aside after numerous charges because he did not have the confidence of his party or the credibility with other members.

As the Republican conference potentially moves in a new direction for its Majority Leader, I hope they will consider State Senator Cathy Young.  It’s about time we give a woman a chance to fix the old-boy network of Albany.  We’ve given men years of opportunity to clean-up Albany’s mess with little results.  Let’s try a new approach of bringing a common-sense woman to the job.

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Are You Chronically Late? Try Our Mayor De Blasio Lateness Excuse Generator

Are You Chronically Late? Try Our Mayor De Blasio Lateness Excuse Generator

Our chronically late Mayor Bill de Blasio has an excuse for everything, so why can't you? Click the link above to generate your own excuse, courtesy of the mayor. More excuses to be added as he provides them.

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Speaker Sheldon Silver's Arrest

I am calling for the immediate resignation of Sheldon Silver from the State Assembly. These corruption charges of bribery brought before him today mean he can no longer hold the trust of the people who have elected him. These charges represent the pay-to-play culture that has tarnished Albany, and it is not the first time he has violated the people’s trust, so it is long overdue that Speaker Silver resigns.  Today’s arrest embodies all the problems of Albany’s corrupt culture of bribery, cover-ups, and kickback schemes.



Adele Malpass

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