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I am so proud of the races our Manhattan Republican Party candidates ran this election cycle and you should be too! 

This cycle, our candidates ran to win on a local level. We had 3 city council candidates make matching funds which is a level of commitment and fight that our local Manhattan Party hasn’t seen in decades!

Our city council candidates gained thousands of votes from those same previous races. Mark Foley in CCD 05 tacked on 1,500 votes and Jackie Toboroff in CCD 01 tacked on 1,000, almost double previous vote totals. Edwin de la Cruz in CCD 10 ran in an area where our party previously didn’t even try to compete and outperformed all expectations. Also, Tom Kenniff ran a great race for Manhattan DA, this was the first time in almost a decade that Republicans ran a DA candidate in Manhattan. All of our candidates continue to outperform party registration, which means that they are doing a great job! And I want to congratulate all of them on their hard-fought gains!

Manhattan Republicans are gaining ground and fighting battles that were previously not fought by our party. We should all be proud of the progress we have made. 

We also should celebrate the gains we saw yesterday on a local level throughout our city. Republicans now have 5, maybe 6, city council seats instead of 3! I want to congratulate my fellow Chair Joann Ariola, Joe Borelli, Inna Vernikov, David Carr and Vickie Paladino on their city council victories- these wins will speak volumes in City Hall and we need their voices now more than ever!

Furthermore, we were able to vote down the tyrannical voting referendums meant to flood our polls with fraudulent votes and gerrymander our districts - an enormous victory statewide!

Our party is moving in the right direction. The results show that we are building our party here in Manhattan. We made gains and fought new battles. This is progress that we will continue to build on. I want to thank our candidates for all their hard work and for representing our party so well. Our candidates built so much good will in their communities which will pave the way for us to continue to build on our gains. 

We will continue to spread our message of law and order, fiscal responsibility, and equal opportunity for all across Manhattan. Thank you all so much for your hard work and continued support of our Manhattan Republican Party, I look forward to continuing to build together!


A Note from Our Chair


Great job!!! This Election Day, we proved that we are building our Republican Party in Manhattan! We as a county committee have a lot to be proud of. Despite record turnout, our Manhattan Republican Party candidates built on our 2018 performance – our party’s best performance in 18 years! This Election Day we demonstrated that all your efforts matter. I want to thank you for all your hard work and support. We have been very vocal, and our strategy is working. New Yorkers are becoming increasingly fed up with failed Democratic leadership and we must continue to build on the energy surrounding our Republican Party in Manhattan. We must fight for safer streets, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility, equal opportunity for all and to save our small businesses.

I want to thank our Manhattan GOP team for working tirelessly to support our candidates – they worked around the clock to keep our party going and they don’t get enough thanks or credit. Thank you to our Vice Chair Allie Nigolian, Political Director Robert Morgan Jr., Advisor Rob Cole, and Ore Jacinto and Jason Weingartner who run our Liberty Club.

And I, of course, want to thank our amazing slate of candidates who showed the great diversity of our party in Manhattan. Carlos Santiago-Cano, Cathy Bernstein, Lovelynn Gwinn, Lester Chang, Oz Sultan, Melinda Crump, Mike Zumbluskas, Tamara Lashchyk, Daby Carreras, Judy Graham and Lou Puliafito - thank you for representing our party so well and for stepping up at a time when your city needs you the most. Each candidate ran a spirited battle against the leftist Democrats who are ruining the city with their hands-off approach to law enforcement and quality of life. The numbers speak for themselves as we came close to picking up a seat on the Upper East Side. Garnering over 40 percent of the vote, Lou Puliafito came within reach of taking out a long-term Democratic incumbent Assemblywoman. Lou's community-focused grassroots campaign outperformed the top of the ticket and every Manhattan Republican campaign since 2002. We couldn't be prouder of Lou and the campaign he ran.

Furthermore, for the first time in a long time, the Democrats had to spend money in Manhattan- it was their 2nd most expensive assembly race in NY State. Those dollars spent in Manhattan were dollars not spent in other competitive races across the state. Therefore, we Manhattan Republicans played a key role in contributing to the HUGE RED WAVE we witnessed in New York State. The fact that the Democrats had to spend large amounts of money and fight to win a seat in Manhattan for the first time in 18 years is something we all should be proud of.

These numbers show that we have a great opportunity in 2021 with the Mayoral and City Council races. I look forward to our fight against Mayor de Blasio’s policies that have destroyed our city and getting behind candidates that are going to build it back.

We at the Manhattan Republican Party are fighting for you and we are fighting for our city and we will never give up. Our record performance shows that nothing is impossible, we are heading in the right direction, and we CAN and we WILL take our city back!

Thank you for your loyalty and support and I wish you and your families a healthy and happy holiday season.


Andrea Catsimatidis




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